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Southern China CR Mill Enter Into Surface Process Step

Accor to the Market Release, The First Roll of 8K Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Coil Has Been Deivery to The Core Agent of the South China Stainless Steel Coil Mill. This is the sign that the southern China CR mill has enter into Surface Process Step and First Roll of 8K Mirror Finish. Estimated Will Bring Much Affect in the Stainless Steel Supply Chain.And May Cause the adjustment of the surface process field.

From the News and Photos from the Spot, the Bulk Production 8K Mirror Stainless Steel Coil is in Good Condition and Enjoy Welcome from  Stainless Steel End Users. The Shining Come To 640K which is equal to the major Stainless Steel 8K Mirror Product in the Stainless Steel Market.

Now the 8K Mirror Coil is Ready for Bulk Production and Opened for Orders. But the Producer Still Not Release the Process Fee Base on the CR 2B Stainless Steel Coil. And acc to Insider of Stainless Steel Industry, This CR Mill Now also will release the Grinding Finish Product of Stainless Steel Coil and More Following News Will Come Up.